Bronte Creek Community in Oakville Ontario

For a number of years this was the website for the Bronte Creek Community Residents Association. The Bronte Creek community in located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I have friends who have lived there for several years. Recently I was in Toronto attending a conference for custom built software developers targeted for the healthcare marketplace. Since this is an area that deals with personal and financial data on a regular basis, security is a high priority for developers such as myself. Since many of the security breaches that happen are the result of hackers taking advantage of known weaknesses in off-the-shelf software that many organizations use, clients hire us to customized software that address their security concerns. The conference was about the new state of the art developments occurring regarding security software. After the conference I drove to Oakville to visit my friends whom I hadn't seen since they moved to Canada. We spent a day biking at the Bronte Creek Provincial Park which is very close by. My friends go cross country skiing there in the winter. Next time I am in the Toronto area I will definitely make the trip to Oakville to visit my friends again. If I am lucky it will be when the Bronte Creek Community Residents Association is holding their BCCRA Golf Tournament. Apparently the 2015 tournament was a big success.

Their current website with the most up to date news is at: or you can visit their Facebook page where BCCRA residents can post ideas, thoughts, comments and to start Community related dialogue.

President’s Page

Binding Our Community

On behalf of the board, it is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to our new Bronte Creek Community Residents Association (BCCRA) website. Bronte Creek represents one of the most vibrant and beautiful neighbourhoods in Oakville.

We have all chosen Bronte Creek as our home because of its unique nature and tremendous potential.

Great communities do not just happen – they evolve through the respectful and cooperative efforts of those who live there. The BCCRA is focused on improving and enhancing the community we live in by encouraging open discussion of the issues facing our neighbourhoods (i.e. future schools, parks, traffic, development etc) and ensuring it is a safe place to live, work and play. The BCCRA’s vision of “Binding Our Community” places great emphasis on creating a community with a sense of belonging and spirit.

You are integral to helping the BCCRA achieve its mission to truly engage people who live here and your participation is crucial, whether it be as a volunteer or a member of the Association.

This new website has been specifically designed to be informative and interactive with the goal of maturing this community together. Please bookmark it and visit often! Information will be kept current and relevant by our webmaster, and it is my hope that it will be a focal point for all of Bronte Creek’s residents looking for information on what is going on, and how to get involved in making this the best community that it can be.

Thank you,

Board of Directors, Bronte Creek Community Residents Association


The Purpose

he Bronte Creek Community Residents Association (BCCRA) is proud to speak on behalf of the entire community as a strong voice on issues such as development and planning, traffic and transportation, recreational facilities and programs, safety, municipal by-laws, and community affairs. One of the goals of the community association is to continue to increase membership and involvement of its residents to ensure continued success in building a close knit and safe community.

The General Objectives of the BCCRA:

BCCRA is a non-profit association that is comprised of a group of local residents – all volunteers, which includes a Board of Directors, Street Representatives, volunteers and registered members.

The BCCRA will work closely with the Town of Oakville to represent the concerns of the community and has the following objectives:

  • To encourage activities within the community and to promote the opportunity for friendly and social interaction
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the interests of the community
  • To encourage, foster and develop among the membership a recognition of the community and its environment

The BCCRA will be organized to provide a number of specific services to its members, which include:

  • Advice and information
  • Organizing community events
  • Periodic newsletters and website updates
  • Government advocacy
  • Advertising services
  • Community Information throught the website
  • Website Members Forum for discussion and interaction
  • Local Classifieds

We hope to provide an opportunity for community involvement and partnerships where people can work together in support of the community.

The Vision


We are a volunteer organization of residents committed to strengthening our community,  enhancing the quality of neighbourhood life for all residents and helping to mature this vibrant and attractive community.

Our main focus is on improving and enhancing the community we live in by encouraging open discussion of the issues facing our neighbourhoods (i.e. future schools, parks, traffic, development etc) and ensuring it is a safe place to live, work and play.

The BCCRA’s vision encompasses the following principles:

  • Provide support and coordinate the community’s needs and Association’s membership
  • Encourage respect for and appreciation of the Association’s volunteer community
  • Financially supporting social activities
  • Ensuring that this community’s needs are heard, understood and met
  • Ensuring the environmental health of the community

As your Community Association, we hope to help bring out many voices to add collective strength behind the issues facing our community.  The BCCRA strives to be a key part of an overall strategy to make changes that reflect the wishes of the people who are directly affected by these issues.


Oakville Taxi Survey

by Maurice Lovelock • September 21, 2015 • 0 Comments

The city of Oakville is asking residents to fill out the attached survey on taxi service. Please print, fill out and return to the city if you feel you are affected by the recent changes in taxi service. Taxi Service Survey

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Town survey asks the public for feedback on road safety measures

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What do you think about traffic calming and speed limits? The Town of Oakville developed a survey to ask residents to share their thoughts and experiences with traffic calming measures and lowering speed limits as part of the town’s traffic review. “The safety of our residents is a top priority for Council,” said Mayor...

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BCCRA 2015 Golf Tournament Pictures

by Maurice Lovelock • June 25, 2015 • 0 Comments

Some photos from the excellent tournament held at Millcroft Golf Club on June 13th. Go to “Read More” to select. Checkout the 2015 Golf Tournament pictures here!

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2015 BCCRA Golf Tournament a great success!!

by Ro • May 15, 2015 • 0 Comments

A Big THANKYOU to all our sponsors and participants.                

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BCCRA Charity Golf 2015 Sponsorship Package Available now

by Ro • February 5, 2015 • 0 Comments

For more information on sponsoring or donating, please download the SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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BCCRA is seeking an energetic youth to join the Association

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Bronte Creek Community Residents Association is seeking a youth volunteer to join our association and help build a stronger community. High school students are eligible for community service volunteer hours. If you are a youth interested in getting involved in your community, please email for further information.

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Date and location confirmed for 2015 BCCRA Golf Tournament

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The third annual BCCRA golf tournament will be held at Millcroft Golf Club in Burlington on Saturday June 13, 2015- Shotgun Start at 1 pm.

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Donation presented to Oakville Hospital foundation as a result of fundraising efforts at 2014 BCCRA Golf Tournament

by Maurice Lovelock • October 15, 2014 • 0 Comments

We recently presented a cheque for $8,317.00 to the Oakville Hospital Foundation as a result of this year’s golf tournament, bringing our total donations to date to $14,000.00.